Evangelizing with the Bible

La Mission Inc. is a small ministry with a big heart.  We are striving to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples. Below is a list of our missionaries, their families, and a brief description of what they believe the Lord has called and equipped them to do.

Pastor Robert E. Swann with his wife Silvane

Bob is the director and founder of La Mission Inc. Bob and his family are currently raising support for a full-time involvement in ministering together. All of the Swann’s fundraising efforts for the first twenty years went directly into the ministry and the work of the Lord overseas. Currently Silvane does housekeeping at a large hospital while Bob concentrates on full-time ministry. Pray for the Swann family, that they would get more speaking opportunities to further the work of the ministry and raise their financial support so their family can more fully follow the Lord’s call.


Don and Christine Ames have been serving the Lord full-time since 1996 and with La Mission Inc. since 2001.  Both Don and Christine came to the Lord later in life after failed marriages, but once they realized what Jesus had done for them they decided to serve Him fully.  Christine came to the marriage with four children while Don has one.  All of the children are now grown and four of them have children of their own.  To date they have 10 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Don has worked in the construction trades all of his adult life, including owning his own electrical contracting business for sixteen years.  Don worked with his father, a general contractor, for several years, and also built their own house which they sold in order to begin in ministry.  Don now feels led to use his diverse experience for the Lord by doing construction projects for churches, ministries, Christian hospitals, and Christian camps all over the world.

Christine also has a diverse background, though it is mostly in the clerical and retail fields.  Several times she would start a new job by working through a temp agency and after showing her intelligence and ability to learn quickly, she would be hired full-time and promoted.  Since marrying Don in 1992 she has helped build their home, cooked and done laundry for various work teams, taught sewing to the nationals and even helped out on some of the construction projects. She has also routinely done the clerical work for several ministries and now for La Mission.  Most recently she was able to loose almost 100 pounds through educating herself on proper eating habits.  This change of eating habits has allowed her to maintain a healthy weight since September of 2013.  She was so successful that many people have asked how she did it and so she is now coaching others on healthy eating habits so that they can lose weight and get healthy too.  This has become a very rewarding ministry as we hear of the success stories from many of her clients as they lose weight and come off of various medications.

Don and Christine feel called to serve the Lord by traveling all over the world doing construction-based ministry and encouraging God’s laborers.  For 16 years they lived full-time in an RV which gave them a comfortable way to travel and a place to live at all of their stateside projects.  In the fall of 2014 the Lord finally provided a home base for them in Cocoa, FL.  They are now able to host their parents and other visitors between their various construction trips.  Check out their web site for more up to date information at: www.Ames4Him.com.







Tony Hyppolite with his wife Natacha. Tony has been a trusted coworker with La Mission Inc in one way or another since 1999. He is currently in charge of the widow/orphan project near Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Tony supervises the care and feeding of the children along with overseeing the construction of the buildings themselves. The picture below shows Tony with his wife.

Tony came to Jesus as a teenager while reading the Bible on his own. He didn’t understand his fascination in God’s word until the Holy Spirit opened his eyes one day to his own sinfulness and need of a Savior. Since then Tony has been discipled by several mature Christians including his father-in-law and Pastor Bob Swann. The Lord has given Tony a boldness to witness and a desire to serve the Lord in any way He desires.

Tony tells us that It’s by the sovereignty of God that he is allowed to work with La Mission Inc. He strives to be a true Haitian leader that fears God and serves Him with a serious heart and a life of honesty, sincerity, and compassion. Tony desires to be God’s instrument to be molded and shaped for use as the Lord sees fit.